R’s matplot function in MATLAB

By default, MATLAB’s plot function draws no markers in the figure that it produces. One may explicitly specify a marker and a line style following the line specification string syntax; however, only one marker type and line style may be applied to a single data set.

Further we present a simple MATLAB function that implements the same functionality as R’s matplot function and allows to set style for each data line shown.

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Fast vector product in MATLAB

The MATLAB function cross implements the vector product for two kinds of input data: a pair of vectors and a pair of N-D arrays. Surprisingly, it works slower for successive computations of cross products for 3-D vector pairs than the following naive implementation.

function C = cross3d(A, B)

C = [A(2)*B(3) - A(3)*B(2), ...
     A(3)*B(1) - A(1)*B(3), ...
     A(1)*B(2) - A(2)*B(1)];


Further, we estimate the median running time of cross and cross3d in a reproducible way using MATLAB scripts.

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